IPL/Laser Treatments

IPL (Laser Treatment) for permanent Hair removal
using the Active Record Classic 618 IPL machine


Gentle, painless form of permanent hair reduction that utilises light and converts it within the hair pigment to heat This process disables the hair follicle thus preventing the hair from re-growing

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10% Discount on courses of 6 Treatments

Per treatment
Lip €20.00
Chin €20.00
Lip and Chin €30.00
Brazilian / Hollywood €65.00
Underarm €50.00
Bikini Line €50.00
Half Leg €70.00
Full Leg €100.00
Bikini & Underarm €70.00
Full leg, any bikini & Underarm €150.00


Advanced SkinCare Treatments :


Skin Rejuvenation €50
Pigmentation €50
Acne €50
Vascular €50